Got Chore Charts?

Over the week or so since I first posted about Chores For Charity, I have been busy.  I don’t think I fully realized how much I needed to do to get ready for implementing this system in our house.  First and foremost, I spent way too much time researching chore charts.  Did you know that when you Google “Chore Charts” you get over 870,000 results? Anyway, I culled through many sites that claim to offer free downloads but, in reality, there were strings attached to their free offers.  In most cases, you were required to sign up for this or that which would inevitably lead to more junk mail, so I passed them by.  In the end, I found an example of a Monthly Chore Chart that I downloaded and edited to suit my needs.   Josie’s Chore Chart can be viewed and downloaded here.




However, since I did so much poking around on the internet looking for the “perfect chore chart,” I thought I would quickly share some that seemed like they’d be useful.  Remember, I did not use these options.  I am not saying that they absolutely are useful, just that they *might be* useful.

Looking for Chore Chart options for non-readers?  These are great picture-based options:

Want something you can personalize?  Make it yours here: – Need a chore chart with Dora on it?  Click here!

Are you a high-tech family?  The future of chore charts has arrived:

Want to pay for a really cool chore chart?  Check these out:

And for the Creative Genius Whose Skills Make Me Feel Inadequate, check out this site:



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