Letters To My Mom and a Former Teacher

SONY DSCToday I sat down and wrote letters to 2 people who have been such positive influences in my life, and I realized that I could write so many more.  In that moment, I knew that I was an extraordinarily lucky woman.  My life has been filled with interesting people who have truly cared about me, challenged me to be a better person and stuck by me through thick and thin.   This week’s Act of Kindness Challenge was to send a note of appreciation.   I upped the ante and decided to write two notes and it would not surprise me if I keep on writing.  There are so many people in my life that I appreciate and they need to know it!

I wrote a note to my mom today – she’s such an extraordinary person.  Those of you that know her will agree.  My note to her is personal, but I can very comfortably say in public that if I can be half the mother she is; if I can be half as generous and kind-hearted as she is; if I can handle life’s challenges with as much poise as she does, then I will feel like I have succeeded.SONY DSC

The second person I wrote to was my high school English teacher.  For years I have thought that I should go visit her and tell her what a wonderful teacher she was and how she made a profound impact on my life.   Teachers, good ones, work so hard to connect with their students in a meaningful way and help their students connect with the coursework.   And students, for the most part, are too self-consumed to really recognize the value that teachers have added to their lives. It is never too late to tell a teacher that they were an important part of your life.    I never did make it back to school before she retired, but I was able to find what I believe to be her mailing address and will send my letter tomorrow.  Here’s hoping I found the correct address!SONY DSC

Who do you appreciate in your life?  There is still time to complete this week’s challenge!  Take 10 minutes, write a note and brighten someone’s day.


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