Random Act of Kindness Weekly Challenge

Leave a Generous Tip:

Tip Jar

Tip Jar (Photo credit: EagerEyes)

The former waitress in me really likes this RAK.  Let me say up front that waiters and waitresses work really hard and, quite frequently, get really short-changed when it comes to the gratuity.  Without a doubt, leaving a generous tip will make their day.  But, the restaurant industry is not the only one in which gratuities are the custom.  Look for tip jars at your favorite coffee shop or ice cream store.  Give your babysitter a little something extra.  Staying in a hotel room over the holiday weekend?  Leave the maid a generous tip.  Chances are, you encounter someone who supplements meager pay with tips on a daily basis.  The list is long: hair stylists, tattoo artists, delivery persons, taxi drivers, manicurist, massage therapists, casino dealers, tour guides, car wash attendants…

So, go ahead people.  Be generous next time you need to leave a tip and see how it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  You may not get to see the smile on the face of the recipient, but believe me, that person will be smiling when he/she discovers what you have done.


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