Oh Crap, I Inspired Someone…

**Please note:  I Did Not Inspire Anyone…Ariel at Their World We Live In Did.**I enjoy reading this blog and always have chuckle with, and sometimes at, the author. Anyhow, I love that this award requires an ACT OF KINDNESS and what a nice one Ariel did!  

Their World We Live In

veryinspiringblogawardI’m not sure what kind of things I’m inspiring, hopefully it’s something like ‘blogging in the vernacular’ or ‘fewest unintentional typos’, but thank you dramafreemama, for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Despite the many mistakes I’ve made as a result of sleep deprivation, I’ve still managed to at least marginally inspire someone, and in this I take pride.

Wait – I know! It must have been writing about the myriad uses for colorful poop, or the dozen different poo-phemisms I shared in my post “My Baby Poops Rainbows. Like A Unicorn.” Then again…prob-ly not.

Joking aside, I appreciate the recognition. With so many wonderful bloggers out there, it’s always a great honor to be recognized by one’s peers, and I am thankful to dramafreemama for picking me.


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A Chore Master I am Not

Fired red stamp

Fired red stamp (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I should be fired.   I am a horrible manager, chore manager, that is.  In my defense,  I am trying to manage a 3.5 year old who is stubborn as a mule and who will not, under any circumstance, listen to reason.  This is by far the HARDEST management role I have ever held.  And, that is saying something because I was faced with some very difficult (and sometimes weird) situations back when I was working.  Sexual harassment, employee terminations, school bus accidents, medical emergencies, crazy bus drivers and lockdowns – you name it and I have probably seen it.  BUT, as a manager facing those situations, there was protocol to follow, and, for the most part, I was dealing with people who could listen to reason.  Have you ever tried to reason with a preschooler?  It is pure insanity.


And so, this month’s Chores For Charity update is once again a re-evaluation of how we do things around here.  And by “we”, I mean “me”.  J  I’ve come to realize that Josie likes routine with chores and, if I break that routine, I am SCREWED.  For instance, her chores in the morning are to get dressed and make her bed.  If we are running late, as we typically are, and she gets dressed but doesn’t have time to make her bed, I am SCREWED.  You see, when I tell her to make her bed later in the day, it results in a full-blown tantrum.  You know, the kind where you are concerned that your neighbors are going to call the police with the suspicion that you have your child hooked up to a medieval torture instrument.  The same happens if I tell her to wipe down and set the dinner table while her pre-dinner cartoon is on.  Yes, it is best to plan dinner around the Disney Channel schedule (and I am only partly jesting when I say that!).

I will now publicly offer how I plan to remedy the mistakes I have made as a Chore Master in our house.

  1. I will be consistent with when and how I expect the chores to be completed.  Chores will truly become a “routine” in our house.
  2. I will amend the Chore Chart to include two permanent tasks, one Josie’s Choice and one Parent’s Choice.  I hope this will provide a little more flexibility to catch Josie doing great things and also provide her with some autonomy in the chore routine.
  3. I will recognize that the above two statements seem to be in a bit of conflict.  How can  you build a routine when you don’t have set tasks to complete each day?  I’m okay with this.  Hey, I am going to need something to write about for next month’s CFC update – just setting myself up.

Have You Missed The Do-Gooder Company Series?


CORPORATE TITAN, DO-GOODER, OR ALL OF THE ABOVE? (Photo credit: University of San Francisco)

I am a slacker.  I could probably write a week’s worth of posts about how I’ve been slacking and still have material with which to work..  However, this post will focus on how I’ve been slacking on the Do-Gooder Company series.  I could sit here and offer excuses about how my husband was traveling for work and left me alone with the kids ALL WEEK LONG.  Or perhaps I could explain that my oldest child was temporarily possessed by an evil spirit who was prone to tantrums and whose only English language spoken word was NO.  Or how my hormones (or maybe stress) have led me to be on an emotional roller coaster for the past couple weeks.  But, I won’t bore you with excuses.  The truth is…I forgot.  I mean, it is 10:00 PM on Friday night and I had set the goal of posting one Do-Gooder Company per week on Fridays.  And, I forgot.  How pathetic is that??!!

But, all is not lost because I did read a really interesting article on Social Enterprise (aka socially responsible business) and I encourage you to head over to Forbes and read it now.  The gist of the article is that a poll was done recently surveying 1015 Americans about their knowledge of Social Enterprise and their intentions towards it.  I found most interesting the statistics that indicated consumers are still more interested in snagging a deal than doing good.  Fifty-six percent of respondents said they were more likely to purchase an item as part of a BOGO promotion, rather than purchasing a product that would result in a donation to charity or a matching gift to a person in need.   Clearly there is still considerable room for growth in the Social Enterprise sector, but, can socially responsible companies win over those people looking for a deal?

I promise to feature an actual company next week, but for today, enjoy this article courtesy of Forbes.

Pay It Forward (Stalker Style?)

We had some end of the day Pay It Forward fun.  While picking up milk at Shoprite, we swung by the florist department and picked up a small bouquet of flowers.  We then picked a random car in the parking lot on which to leave the bouquet.  I’m hoping that the recipient isn’t horribly allergic to flowers or a large burly man’s man who scoffs at flowers.  Seriously, though, who doesn’t love to get flowers every once in a while! 




What have you done to celebrate Pay it Forward Day?