Random Act of Kindness Weekly Challenge

The Challenge: Give Positive Feedback

Customer services

Customer services (Photo credit: gordon2208)

Have you ever encountered an unusually helpful or friendly store employee?  One who will search up and down the aisles with you to find that one obscure item you are looking for and then when you can’t find it on the shelves will go look in the stockroom to try to find it?  Every once in a while, it will get to the point where you feel awful calling off the search for said item because this particular employee is so eager to find it for you.  Well, next time you do, make sure to get their name and send a note to the store manager about the stellar service you received.

I know you have been on a call with customer service for Insert Any Company Name Here and have been asked to complete a short survey after the call.  And, if you are like me, you only complete the survey when you have something to b**** about.  So, next time you have a good customer service experience and are asked to complete a survey, do it!

How about the comment card that the server leaves with the bill?  My Modus Operandi is to ignore it, unless (1) we grew old waiting for our food, (2) we found a hair, toenail or other gross object in our food or (3) our server shunned us in favor of flirting with the hotties at the next table.

I am that person.  I am the one who rarely gives positive feedback, but is quick to raise hell when I feel the service I’ve received has been subpar.  Today that changes.  Moving forward, I will be the person who says, “Job well done” and offers praise to those who deserve it.   If I’m honest, I’ll probably keep on raising hell when the service is atrocious, but at least I’ll also be shining a spotlight on the excellent service!

As always, for more ideas on how to spread kindness, visit the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation!


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