Spread Goodness


When the world is faced with a tragedy like occurred today at the Boston Marathon, we the people must stand up and spread goodness.  We must not allow the forces of evil to overshadow the kindness and love that are omnipresent in our world.  I grieve for those were killed or injured and wish peace for everyone affected by this horrifying attack.  I will also celebrate the incredible acts of humanity that occurred in the midst of chaos.  As always, there are reports of first responders jumping into action and rushing into the chaos in the hopes of saving lives.  Today, I choose to celebrate first responders who risk their lives to help save others.  There have been reports of marathoners running directly to local hospitals to donate  blood; of strangers embracing each other, offering solace and comfort; of volunteers helping runners reunite with their families; and of Bostoners opening their homes to stranded runners.   Today, I choose to celebrate these acts of love and kindness.    On days like today, I need to see the good in the world and share it with anyone who will listen.    So, friends, today, tomorrow and every day thereafter, I choose to spread goodness and love and kindness.  Will you?483440_10151508736769333_1675996446_n

This picture is making the rounds of Facebook and is so fitting for my sentiment in writing this post.  Mr. Rogers always knew just what to say…


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