Do-Gooder Companies – Father’s Day Edition

Since I did a Mother’s Day edition of the Do-Gooder Company series, it is only fair to feature some great places to purchase socially responsible Father’s Day gifts too!  Whether the Dad in your life is a sports enthusiast, creative genius, tech geek, or a big kid, you will find some great gift options for him below. Click on any of the images to be taken to the company site for more information or to buy.

Life is good

Life is good donates 10% of net profits to the  Life is good Playmakers, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping kids overcome poverty, violence and illness by using the power of joyful play to heal and strengthen children.   There are a couple things I really love about this company: 1. They offer a consumers a chance to donate to Playmakers at checkout and 2. They have a great fundraising page that allows individuals to become active fundraisers.

And, of course, their products are endlessly fun and good quality.  Here are a couple of my favorites for Father’s  Day, but do check out their website because there are so many more to choose from.  Oh, and if you sign up for their email club, you will receive a 15% off coupon code!



 The GoodFather Men’s Crusher Tee






  Mr. Fixit Chill Cap






I’ve written about REI before so I am going to just direct you to my post and get to the good stuff!  Check out these great gifts for Dad on their website:


  Eno Double Nest Hammock





8cb0485f-2c08-44ae-85c3-5c022de9766a  Leatherman Wingman Multitool

One World Futbol Project

cache_500_400_3_ProductImageNewBOGO_500 I could make a crude joke about how you can buy your hubby a set of balls for Father’s Day, but   I won’t do that.  <wink, wink>  This is a very cool soccer ball – virtually indestructible and for each ball that you purchase for the soccer playing Dad in your life, one is donated to organizations working with impoverished youth around the world..


I’ve also written a lengthy opinion on TOMS which you can peruse at your convenience.  I’m not sure The Hubs would love the traditional TOMS shoe style, but I found several things on the site that I think he’d love.  Here are a couple of my favorites:

m-edson-botas-s-su12  Edson Men’s Botas





Kilgore Gunmetal

Red Cross Store

At the Red Cross Store, a portion of the proceeds from every single item is donated to the life-saving mission of the Red Cross.  Every Dad should have an emergency radio and emergency preparedness kit, don’t you think?

red cross radio  FRX2 Eton Emergency Radio



ItemImage_724_58354 Person Emergency Preparedness Supplies

Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods is a certified B Corp and donates 15% of net profits to non-profit organizations.  Plus, they have a very unique and interesting selection of products, many of which are handcrafted or designed by artisans and independent designers.



F-Bomb Paperweight





 Places in America


What I Learned About Being a Good Neighbor From My Preschooler

Yesterday, we arrived home from dinner out at an authentic Jersey Diner.  I say authentic, because, if you grew up in NJ as I did, then diners outside of the state do not compare to the yummy goodness and colorful service you get at a Jersey diner.  That aside, as we arrived home and found an ambulance in front of our house.   We immediately knew that our elderly neighbor across the street was ill.  She has a variety of health issues and is a shut-in, so we occasionally (but not often enough) pop over to say hi.  Well, Josie, upon seeing the ambulance was very upset.  She was very curious about what was happening, but that curiosity was fueled by sympathy and empathy.  Genuinely concerned, she wanted to know if our neighbor would be okay; if she couldn’t breathe (our neighbor is on oxygen 24/7); who would take care of her cats and the list went on and on.  I asked her what we could do to help and she said she wanted to make her a card.   I love that she thinks of others and seems to innately realize that our neighbor is frequently alone, sometimes lonely and always appreciates our visits.


Josie often asks to go over and say hello and I often say “not today” because I really don’t have the time to visit for long and our neighbor really likes to talk.  Next time she asks, I will say yes.  From today on, I will make a conscious effort to be more attentive to our elderly neighbors and relatives.  So many of them have reached a point in their lives when they feel they are ready to die because they are the lone survivor of their group of siblings or friends.   But we need to help them enjoy the life they have left, by showing interest in the stories of their lives, and enjoying a cup of coffee or sweet treat with them.  We need to show them that they are still valued and loved and wanted in this world.

So, we made our cards tonight and will put them in our neighbor’s mailbox tomorrow morning.  We would have delivered them tonight, but, as with any preschooler, minor challenges turn into major tantrums.  For Josie, the fact that her card did not perfectly fit in the envelope on the first try was too much to bear and her screams and cries and wails echoed throughout the house for quite while.  But, as a wise mom once said to me, “This too shall pass” and we will get to try again tomorrow.

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Do you have an elderly relative or neighbor who is lonely?  What do you do to bring joy to their lives?

Random Act of Kindness Weekly Challenge

Everyone needs encouragement sometimes.   A fellow blogger has come up with a fun and easy way to offer it.  Found Hello has launched a movement and I love everything about it.  All you need is a pen, post-it note and kind words and you can spread joy to others.    The note begins with a simple word: hello.  Next comes the inspirational or kind words you want to share and you finish with a link to the Found Hello blog.   Don’t forget to connect with The Do-Gooder Mama and Found Hello on Twitter and let us know how you have done with this week’s challenge!

My note is ready to go!

My note is ready to go!


The Challenge:  Leave a hello. note for someone to find.  Want to take it to the next level?  Do this daily for the next week or longer!  


Do-Gooder Company Deal Alert: Save 20% At Raven and Lily

You need to check this Raven and Lily out!  Their products are absolutely gorgeous – I received a necklace, shirt and bag for Mother’s Day and the quality is fabulous.  And, their mission is to empower women through sustainable economic opportunities and alleviate poverty.    As if you need more motivation, use the coupon code “memorial13”  this weekend and you can save 20%!

My necklace, made my HIV+ Women in Ethiopia using recycled bullet casings and vintage coins.

My necklace, made my HIV+ Women in Ethiopia using recycled bullet casings and vintage coins.

This t-shirt is SO SOFT!  The design is stylish and fit is awesome.

This t-shirt is SO SOFT! The design is stylish and fit is awesome.

The Power of Thank You

SONY DSCIf you’ve been reading for a while, you know that Josie donated her Chores For Charity earnings in March to KaBoom!  Well, her mommy had a terrible case of Procrastinitis and finally sent in her donation a couple weeks ago.   Yesterday, the postman delivered a letter addressed to Josie and she could hardly control her excitement.  We read it together as a family and I have to say that she has been beaming with pride about it ever since!  She is so excited that she helped to make a playground and the Thank You Note addressed to her was the perfect reminder.  It will definitely go into her memory box.

Of course, Josie was excited to get mail.  But, I think the fact that it was a Thank You card addressed to her was meaningful and really made her day.  So, my friends, don’t underestimate the power of a thank you.  Go forth and spread gratitude, thanks and goodness!


Random Act of Kindness Weekly Challenge

Today’s Challenge: Remember and honor.  Remember the tragedies that have made our hearts ache and honor the victims by appreciating the people in your life.    And, if you have the means, contribute to help victims of the Oklahoma tornadoes.