Random Act of Kindness Weekly Challenge!

This week’s Random Act of Kindness Weekly Challenge is all about teachers, but not just classroom teachers.  Teachers are all around us.  Your child’s school teacher is the obvious one.  But, what about the dance instructors, karate masters, sports coaches and tutors in your child’s life?  And, let’s not forget your yoga instructor, life coach, online ed instructor or tennis pro.   All of these people have trained extensively for their particular role and now they are sharing their knowledge with others.  This makes them a teacher.  Whomever is the teacher in your life, your challenge this week is to appreciate them.  IMHO, a handwritten note from you or your child is the best way to show your appreciation, but if that is overwhelming, just send an email.  You can of course give gifts too – Edible Arrangments,  flowers, gift cards, and classroom supplies are all good options, but gifts should be in addition to your  words, not in lieu of.   For those of you with the crafty gene, I provided some links below to some lovely handmade gifts for teachers. SONY DSC

For the craftier types!

Brain Foggles

Skip to my Lou


Happy Home Fairy

Modern Parents Messy Kids

How will you Thank A Teacher this week?


5 thoughts on “Random Act of Kindness Weekly Challenge!

  1. I saw a pin the other day that showed a beach towel wrapped cylindrically, )<— Bump you spell check it IS a word.) Anyway, it was folded in a cylinder shape and around it was a "Real Simple" magazine, and suntan lotion. It was tied with a ribbon that matched the towel. I thought that was such a great end of the year teachers gift. Of course letter attached. I have done a thank you letter every year. They deserve it!

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