Random Act Of Kindness Weekly Challenge

Springtime brings green trees, flowers,warm weather, the end of my seasonal depression and Student Fundraisers.   Particularly, in my neck of the woods, every weekend is marked by car washes for this cause or that one and promoted by gangs of screaming and jumping high school students standing at the edge of the road.  I have NEVER stopped for one of these Car Washes for a Cause but that is about to change.   This weekend I am going to let those students wash my car and I am going to commend them for volunteering their time to support their school programs.   Now, if you don’t have car washes in your area, that’s okay.  I’m sure there are students hocking candles, candy, cookies that you can buy or participating in a Dance Marathon or Walk-a-Thon to whom you can lend your support.   This week, I am asking you to take Nike’s advice and Just Do It!

The Challenge:  When you are encountered by students engaging in an act of fundraising for their school team or club, indulge them.  Support their cause and encourage them to stay active and engaged in their community.



One thought on “Random Act Of Kindness Weekly Challenge

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