Chores, Comedy and Unfortunate Mishaps

A couple days ago I read a lovely post by Lori Leigh Wilson about lightening things up.  She shared some some great ways to inspire laughter, and in fact, I ended up spending an hour laughing that morning.   Lori introduced me to Kid Snippets and I had to share the one about Chores, given my trials and tribulations with establishing a chore system in our house.  Please, please, please stick with it until the end.  It is so worth it – I am talking bust a gut at the very end worth it!

Watching this, I was taken back to the time that Josie picked up a used tampon applicator at a park and said, “Look Mom!  A spyglass!”  After gagging back my vomit and forcing her to drop it, I doused her in Purell and properly disposed of the “spyglass.”

What is the grossest thing your child has ever picked up?


3 thoughts on “Chores, Comedy and Unfortunate Mishaps

  1. Eww…the tampon is nasty! I don’t want to know how it even got there! My daughter has changed clothes in a bathroom stall, sitting on the floor with a bare butt…that grossed me out a bit!

    • It was truly nauseating! And I, too, wondered how it got there – not your normal playground litter. As for the changing in the public bathroom, we’ve been there too and sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. And then take a really good bath later that night!

      • I MEANT to reply via mobile, but was fighting with the site…GRRR. Yes – good baths are essential after public bathrooms. I’m glad she isn’t grossed out by public bathrooms (so she’ll still go), but SOME pre-caution might be a bit nice. Maybe that comes with age…?

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