Let Your Child’s Creativity Flow for Charity

Is your child a Picasso in the making?  Does your family enjoy creating masterpieces with paint, markers or pastels?  You can channel that creative energy into a way to support underfunded art programs in low-performing schools!

Host a Clothesline Art Sale:

This is such a fun opportunity to let your children’s creativity shine and support arts initiatives in low-performing schools with underfunded art programs. Fresh Artists provides a step-by-step guide for children and their parents on how to get started. This could be part of a neighborhood wide yard sale, a project for your local playgroup, your child’s scout troop or class at school. Kids will love it because they are getting to create artwork and host their very own “gallery.” Time to get your child to practice their “when I am famous” signature!

via Do-Gooder Kids Activities.


3 thoughts on “Let Your Child’s Creativity Flow for Charity

  1. Love this! I just recently held a Talent Night with my social justice group and we not only held a talent show but we sold art made by the students as well. It was a great success, the kids LOVED it and we raise close to $900 to purchase education packages through UNICEF.
    Thanks for writing about such an easy way to give back!

    • What a great lesson you are teaching your students! Thanks for sharing your success with holding an art show – I’m sure it will inspire others! It really is such an easy, fun way to give back and this kind of activity is perfect for groups!

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