Beanie Babies for the Troops?

Those of you with children undoubtedly have large collection of stuffed animals in your house. This is an excellent opportunity to talk to your children about helping others by donating some of their small stuffed animals to deployed troops. Josie recently went through her collection and we have a box of animals waiting to be sent. Seize the moment and put those unused stuffed animals to good work!

Operation Gratitude Blog

Key leader engagementYes, it’s true! We STILL put Beanie Babies and other varieties of small, plush toys in ALL the care packages we send to deployed Troops! 

Why? One Service Member told us, “…it may sound silly but the Beanie Baby brings an odd feeling of comfort to a grown man.”

Another wrote, “Every work center in my division has a Beanie donated by Operation Gratitude; they’ve become something like mascots to my Sailors.”

Here is an especially touching email we received:

“I really wanted to thank you, the volunteers and supporters of Operation Gratitude. We have started receiving the goodie boxes. Everyone who received the boxes was so excited today. Everyone has their beanie baby on their desks. One person’s box had a very touching reaction. She got a stuffed squirrel just like the one she gave her dad when she was younger. He had used Velcro to stick it on the dash of his truck…

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