Summer Tradition With a Charity Twist

Before bed last night, we read Pinkalicious and the Pink Drink.  My daughters love the Pinkalicious series of books and this particular one is about the ultimate summertime activity – holding a lemonade stand!  I am quite certain that 99% of kids think about setting up a lemonade stand at some point in their childhood.  Lemonade stands can teach kids about entrepreneurship, money management and marketing, but most of all it is a fun way to pass a summer day!  But did you know that you can help your children learn about philanthropy and social entrepreneurship while doing this quintessential summer activity?  Here’s an excerpt from my Do-Gooder Kids Activities page on hosting a lemonade stand for charity.

lemonade stand!

lemonade stand! (Photo credit: amy.gizienski)

Organize a Lemonade Stand: This is the ultimate summer volunteer opportunity for kids! I am fairly certain that at some point in time, every child has set up their very own lemonade stand. Alex’s Lemonade Stand provides all the resources your kids need to step it up a notch and contribute to a worthy cause, finding a cure for pediatric cancer. Or, you can select a charity that is close to your heart and spread awareness about it while serving lemonade to your community. Most groups will provide some informational material for you to distribute if you call to request it!  Looking for tips on hosting a lemonade stand?  Sunkist has a fantastic online guide for making your lemonade stand a success!

via Do-Gooder Kids Activities.


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