Random Act of Kindness Weekly Challenge

I’ve written a lot about kindness towards others – thank a teacher, be polite on the road, leave a big tip, donate blood and the list goes on.   Today I am going to keep it simple and encourage you to focus your kindness inward.   Forgive yourself for yelling at your spouse or kids.  Take care of your body – make a doctors appointment you’ve been putting off, go for a walk, or eat something healthy.  Make a Top Ten list titled “Things I LOVE About Me” and keep it with you for days when you need a boost.   Don’t over complicate it, just do it and acknowledge that you are doing it for YOU.

I love this advice from Fashion Thrill:


The Challenge:  Be Kind to Yourself

What other ideas do you have for turning your kindness inward?


3 thoughts on “Random Act of Kindness Weekly Challenge

  1. I am enjoying some quiet time right now!

    For my kids I am trying to be more aware of the comments I make about myself, so I set a good example and don’t complain about how I look.

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