Turn Playtime into a Volunteer Opportunity!

I’ve written about it before, but this is by far the easiest and most fun way to volunteer your time as a family!  It helps teach your children that their opinions are valuable and that volunteering does not have to be boring.   Volunteering to map playgrounds encourages you as a family to engage in play, explore new playgrounds and communicate in new ways.  So, if you are heading out to a playground or park today, consider snapping some pictures and adding it to the Map of Play.


Put a Playground on the Map:  The Map of Play is a community generated play space finder and depends on volunteers to put playgrounds on the map. This is the ultimate family volunteer opportunity and perfect for children of any age. All you need to do to volunteer is sign up for an account on the Map of Play website. When you go to a new playground or park, snap some pictures and then ask your kids for their review of the space. Each time you add a play space to the map, you are helping other people find a great place to play!

via Do-Gooder Kids Activities.


4 thoughts on “Turn Playtime into a Volunteer Opportunity!

  1. so grateful for the wonderful simple reminders with your every post! self-less giving is very rewarding. thank you much for being a true inspiration to us 😉

    • And I am so grateful for readers like you who find inspiration in my words and ideas! Volunteering and helping others is so rewarding and something we can start teaching our children at a young age. Thanks for reading!

      • Such great fun, even the smallest things…I actually walked by two girls in our neighbourhood that were just at the side of the sidewalk selling some of their own belongings ‘for charity’ couldn’t resist but to buy a book too difficult for my reader now–it’s amazing one good act makes you feel!

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