Don’t Worry Honey, That is Just the Sky Farting


Thunder (Photo credit: mhaller1979)


Let’s file this one under things I never thought I’d say.  We had thunderstorms today and there were some wicked booms of thunder that caused my girls to cry and cower in fear.  So, I did what any mom would do and tried to soothe their fears.  I could have gone into the scientific explanation that lightening causes vibrations in the air and a rapid heating and expansion of air particles that causes a loud rumble of thunder. But, given that my four year old loves “poop humor” these days, I thought it was a surer bet to say, “Don’t worry honey, thunder is just the sky farting.”  Guess what, it worked.  The rest of the afternoon, they giggled when it thundered.  Sure, their future science teachers are going to have their work cut out for them, but we’ll worry about that in a few years.

What’s the wackiest thing you’ve ever said or done to comfort your child?










One thought on “Don’t Worry Honey, That is Just the Sky Farting

  1. So cute! My nephew once called us during a thunderstorm. He was 3ish and scared, so we reassured him that the angels were bowling and getting a lot of strikes. Sometimes it helps to call a relative or phone a friend!

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