Riding in Cars With Kids, Hoagies and Fanny Packs

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I’ve come to realize that there is absolutely no way that I will be able to post everyday about my Reading Challenge discoveries.  Life gets in the the way of that – and I do not mean that to sound negative.  Yesterday, I spent a lovely day with my girls visiting one of our favorite indoor play areas and then took them bowling in the afternoon.  I am so lucky to be able to take the day and live it with my children.  So, I will post as frequently as life allows about my Reading Challenge finds and I will enjoy my children,  except maybe when one or both of them is engaged in a meltdown of epic proportions.  Then, I will just tolerate them.

Enhanced Kid Car Photo

Enhanced Kid Car Photo (Photo credit: clappstar)

Day 3:  Today, I followed the recommendation of the WordPress Reader and discovered some truly inspired writing.      I clicked on the link to Free Little Words and landed on a post about car trips with loud children.  YES!  I can relate to this.  My little darlings each have a healthy set of lungs and they love to use them in unison, in the car and especially when mommy has a headache.  Or so it seems anyway.  Keladelaide at Free Little Words vividly describes different types of car rides with young children that any parent who drives can relate to and makes you see the humor in them.   She writes about love in all its forms.  The love between mother and sons, brothers, lovers, friends and anywhere that love exists.  On the origins of the title, she writes, “The name of my blog came to be from those three little words we all wish to hear whether it be from a parent, child, lover or partner. ’Free’ was substituted for ‘three’ because they don’t cost anything to say and my little guy, then 2, could not say three properly-it came out as free.”


Dodgy Wawa Hoagie! (Hi-Res).

Dodgy Wawa Hoagie! (Hi-Res). (Photo credit: stev.ie)

Day 4:  I can hardly believe it, but I discovered a blog post today that contained the word “hoagie” in the title.  Do you know what a hoagie is?  If not, you must go read this wonderful post on an incredibly fascinating topic at The Misfortune of Knowing.  It is all about American dialects and how people in different regions identify the same item by different terms.  I personally was excited by the word “hoagie” because, as this map demonstrates, it is highly unique to the greater Philadelphia area.  Dialects, here and abroad, have always been of interest to me.   I remember, when working at a camp in college, I had a bunch of coworkers from the UK and we had a hell of a laugh over the phrase Fanny Pack.  You see, counselors had to carry bright red Fanny Packs to hold camper medicines.  While Fanny Packs are highly unfashionable to the point of being comical here in the US, my new friends from the UK could not hear the phrase without smirking and elbowing each other.  You see, to them “fanny” was slang for a certain part of the female anatomy.  We had quite a few laughs that summer learning their vocabulary: fags (aka cigarettes), snogging (aka making out), and  having a kip (taking a nap), among others that are perhaps better not mentioned.


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