I Intend To Be Happy

It is Mother’s Day 2014. Today, I celebrate that I am blessed to awake to the choruses of my sweet girls calling “Mommy, Mommy” each morning. I celebrate that when one of those little girls gets a boo-boo, I am the person she calls for. I celebrate that, sometimes when my oldest does not get her way, she says that I am the “meanest mommy ever” because that means I am doing my job. I also celebrate that my youngest is not at the age where she says things like that yet. I celebrate the over-the-top, out-of-this-world days with my girls, when I feel like the three of us are in total sync; when we smile and laugh and you wouldn’t know that tears exist; when I raise my voice out of excitement rather than anger. I love those days. I also celebrate the days when we all need a do-over; the days when we wake up late and have to rush around in the morning; when my patience is exhausted by 8 AM; when a simple thing like what shoes or dress to wear leads to the most earth-shattering tantrum; when I use the television to be my sitter because mommy just needs a minute. I don’t love those days, but I do understand that they are a part of motherhood. I celebrate the good days and the bad, the smiles and the tears, the triumphs and defeats because I have the privilege of being their mom. And it is most definitely a privilege.


Being a mom is a huge part of my identity now. But, I am not only a mom. I am an athlete. I am a writer. I am a friend. I am a daughter. I am a lifelong learner. I am a do-gooder.  I am a professional. I am an avid reader. I am a volunteer. I am a woman and a wife.  Yet, as I look at this list, I realize that I have let so many of these parts of me languish. It is what we do as mothers, isn’t it? We focus on the babies who stole our hearts and their joy becomes our joy. Their hurt becomes our hurt. Their victories become our victories. We put aside our wants and needs to accommodate theirs. We forget to nourish our souls with the things that once held such an important place in our lives. This year I intend to make time for the things I love. I intend to rekindle my passion for writing with this blog. I intend to run several 5Ks. I intend to read more books and learn something new. I intend to volunteer and find ways to do more good in this wonderful world in which we live. And I intend to love my husband and my children, to be more present for them and to show them that by nourishing myself, I am nourishing our whole family. In short, I intend to be happy.


One thought on “I Intend To Be Happy

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