Three Weeks. Twenty-One Blogs.

The giant Liberty Bell replica at Citizens Ban...

The giant Liberty Bell replica at Citizens Bank Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Day 19: I am watching the 11 o’clock news broadcast, specifically the sports segment.  The Phillies have played 3 games in between yesterday and today and all three games went to extra innings, some kind of history.  Simultaneously, I searched the WordPress Reader for Top Stories and happened upon The 700 Level, a Philadelphia sports blog.  Coincidence?  I think not.  This is not my typical subject matter, but that is what this reading challenge is all about.  My husband is a die-hard Phillies Phan. Yes, I spelled that incorrectly on purpose.  He loves this team and they drive him crazy.  And then he drives me crazy.  Don’t get me wrong, the Phillies are my team, but my day is not ruined if they lose.  The truth is, I love to see the Phillies win, but I cannot be bothered to sit and watch every game on TV, much to The Hubs’ chagrin. If we could see every game in person and enjoy the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the ballpark, I’d be so into the Phillies I might permanently tattoo their logo on my body. But, with two young girls who permanently have “ants in their pants,” going to a Phillies game is not in our immediate future.  So, the smell and taste of Dollar Dog Days will have to wait.  The sound of the crack of the bat against the ball and the subsequent roar of the crowd will have to wait.  The beauty of the stadium – the vibrant green field, the neon-lighted Liberty Bell, the city skyline in the distance – will have to wait.  But, in the meantime, I can keep up on my Philly sports news via The 700 Level, a good second option.  What is “your” team?  Tell me how being a Fan impacts your life!


Day 20: Have you ever had a moment of panic when you couldn’t find your child?  It happened to me in Target one day about a year ago when Josie playfully ran off and I lost sight of her.  My heart pounded, my eyes filled with tears, my voice cracked as I called out for her to come back to me.  Thankfully, within 30 seconds she was in my arms and I hugged her tight, delaying the lecture for a moment to savor her.   I cannot imagine what 5 minutes must feel like, but Stacey at EarthChicKnits knows that feeling and she is using her blog to help spread awareness about an unknown peril that beach goers face.  Have you heard of sandhole collapses?  If not, you need to grab a box of tissues and read Stacey’s post.  Or this current article about another instance of the sand swallowing a child.  Her post resonated with me since my family is about to embark on a shore vacation and because my brother’s family vacations regularly in the stretch of beach where her tale of horror and wonder unfurled. If there is ever a chance to ensure a higher level of safety and security for my children, I will take it.  In this case, I took it and now I am passing it on.

Kids take turns jumping in the air and into a ...

Kids take turns jumping in the air and into a big hole which might have been the moat of a sand castle on Cayucos State Beach. (Photo credit: mikebaird)

Day 21:  Today, I stumbled upon a post titled: This Ain’t No Oprah’s Book Club.  Reading the post I was instantly reminded of the feeling of connectivity that I feel when amongst other smart and sassy women who have come together to discuss a book, and probably a lot of off-topic subject matter too.   I found a really wonderful book club when we moved to Connecticut and it became the source of our social life.  A small group of women began to socialize outside of of book club and then we invited the husbands to join.  Soon, we all became mothers  were able to have “mommy and me” lunches and play dates as our children got older.  Without the book club, I would never have met some of my closest friends, with whom I remain close despite the distance that now lies between us.  This is the beauty of book clubs.  Sure, they encourage thoughtful reading, discussion and exploration of books you may not have chosen for yourself.  But they also give birth to new friendships and create a sense of belonging and community among the members.  This is such a gift, particularly in adulthood when there are not well-defined paths to new friendships and particularly when, as I did, you move to a new place and know not a soul.  Do you belong to a book club?  What role does it play in your life?

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